#4 The Rabbit Hole Runway

We are familiar with diving into internet rabbit holes. One minute, we’re checking the weather and then 20 minutes later we pull out of a YouTube hole on how to propagate cilantro plants from cuttings. How did we get here? Beats me!

But, did you know we can also fall into work rabbit holes? Much like distractions on the internet can pull our attention away from tasks we want to complete, we can distract ourselves from our work… with OTHER work.

Constant task switching is taxing on the brain - so, it’s no wonder why we reached the end of the day feeling so exhausted and tired!

Uncovering your Rabbit Hole Runway is one of the best ways to refocus your energy back to your high-level tasks (and protect your energy level throughout the day).

What’s in this episode

  • What the Rabbit Hole Runway is and how we get trapped within it
  • The cost of getting stuck in distracted work
  • 3 simple options to help you get back on track and get after your high priority tasks

Featured on the show

  • Want to really do this work? Get your free journal prompts here
  • The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J. Levitin
  • The Rabbit-Hole Rabbit Hole by Kathryn Schulz
  • A brief explanation of the differences between city driving and highway driving
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