#7 Choose Receptive Over Defensive

I remember at Christmastime a few years back, my team put together a gift basket for me and there were all kinds of wonderful things in there. But, there was one gift that I did not particularly love: It was a “What mood are you in today?” flip chart.

Now, I acted like I thought it was hilarious, but I remember receiving it and thinking to myself, “I'm not moody.” 😐

And then I stopped for a second and really thought about it, and I came around to the conclusion..

Actually, I am. 😟

So the question is: Was I going to be receptive or was I going to be defensive?

This week’s episode is short and sweet - listen to hear more about what happened.

What’s inside this episode…

  • The Christmas gift my team gave me that I absolutely hated
  • The assignment my coach gave me that made me cringe
  • What I learned from asking to get roasted

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