#10 How To Get Your Company to Buy You a Land Rover

Property management can be a difficult and challenging field. There are many complexities that come with managing a property, from dealing with tenants to maintaining the property itself. In addition, property managers often have to deal with strict regulations and laws. 

As a result, it is essential for property managers to be able to advocate for themselves and their needs. This can be a difficult task, as property managers may feel like they are constantly being pulled in different directions. 

However, by taking the time to identify your needs and understand the steps necessary to ask for what they need, you can learn how to effectively advocate for yourself. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • A fun story about how my client got a Land Rover
  • The steps you need to take to get what you need at work
  • How you know if you’re ready to ask for what you need
  • What you need to do before and after making an ask

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