#14 Stop Having The Same Argument with Christal Allen-Harrahill

The quality of your life is highly dependent upon the quality of your relationships. You have relationships everywhere: Your partner, your family, your friends and colleagues. 

We’re so excited to welcome Christal Allen-Harrahill as our first podcast guest. 

Christal is a mom, wife, and certified Life & Relationship Coach. She is the Strong Marriage Coach for professional women who want to stop having the same fight with their spouses.

Through her coaching practice, she helps women win in their relationships like they are winning professionally. No more waiting endlessly on the other person to change. 

She is relatable with a down-to-earth vibe that makes you feel seen, safe, and cared for. She believes women are change makers, and that families and generations are forever changed when women engage in their own unique transformation.

Join us for a discussion with Christal on how to become more clear on what is important to you and what deserves your time and attention. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • The difference between relationship coaching and couples therapy
  • What to do if you feel helpless in your relationships
  • How to give yourself more power to make change

 Featured on the show

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