#15 How to Overdeliver Without Overworking

We’re often told to under promise and overdeliver. However, many property managers went from overdelivering into habitually overworking.

Many people are stuck in the mindset that the more time they put into a job, the more valuable they become. But, in many cases, overworking can actually reduce the quality of our work.

(Which, in turn, creates more work that we have to go back and fix!)

We can get caught in the trap of believing that if we work MORE and put in extra hours, that we increase our chances for raises and promotions; however, this is not true.

Over-delivering without overworking is possible by understanding and implementing a new mindset about productivity. Over-delivering is not about working yourself to death or completing every task imaginable; it is about communicating effectively with your employer and delivering results that matter.

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What’s inside this episode…

  • The difference between overworking and overdelivering
  • How we got stuck in the trap of overworking
  • The simple mindset shift we need to get out of it all

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