#16 Taking a Title Demotion Is Not A Sign of Failure

People are often afraid to take a title demotion because they feel it will hurt their career. They may worry that they won't be taken seriously or that they will no longer have the same opportunities. Some people may also feel like they are giving up on their career if they take a demotion.

What if all of that wasn’t true?

There are plenty of ways to climb the corporate ladder - and you don’t always have to go up. 

Title demotions aren’t always a sign of failure.

Sometimes, they’re a sign of bravery. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • The two reasons it’s admirable to take a title demotion 
  • How you’ll know when it’s time to step down
  • The one thing you need to completely change your life
  • How our subconscious beliefs can get in the way of living out our best life

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