#20 This PM Company Gave Their Employees an Extra 5 Days of PTO - just because they could

In December, I saw a post in Multifamily Sharespace and this is what it said…

Just a quick shout-out again to the great company I'm apart of.... #GWRManagement 

  1. Closing early 12/24 and giving us off 12/25-1/01, paid and not using our vacation hours.
  2. A holiday company party. We got to close the office early to get ready on time and we got paid an extra 2 hours for attending the event where we received free dinner and drinks.
  3. A Christmas bonus added to our checks. 

On top of that our regional gave us a surprise visit today and gave us each a Christmas gift. I am so grateful for the company I work for. 

Now, if this doesn’t say, “we care about our employees,” I don’t know what does. This is a bold move. 

So, naturally.. I had to investigate!

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gina Erwin (President of GWR Management) to learn more about GWR and their choice to gift their employees additional holiday PTO. 

This company acknowledges that personal balance looks different for each of its employees. GWR does not require each employee to fit into a mold. Instead, their attitude is “You do you.” GWR puts their employees first and actively seeks to find ways to support them. 

Listen to the end - Gina offers deep, heartfelt advice that cuts to the heart of what matters in property management. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • An exclusive interview with Gina Erwin - President of GWR Management
  • How a “you do you” mentality can help your company thrive
  • Deep, heartfelt advice that cuts to the heart of what matters in property management

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