#28 Fight to Create Amazing Results For Your Company with Mike Kaeding

This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mike Kaeding to the Addicted to Busy podcast. Mike is the CEO of Norhart. Norhart is revolutionizing the way apartments are designed, built and rented. By changing the way construction is done, Norhart is solving construction inefficiencies - which has resulted in creating a higher quality product, but at a lower price. Mike’s mission is to solve America’s housing shortage by transforming the way apartments are built and managed - in doing so, improve the way we all live.

What’s inside this episode…

  • An exclusive look at how Norhart is transforming the way apartments are built and managed
  • How having non-negotiables can increase your work output
  • How putting people first helps create undeniable results

 Featured on the show

  • Norhart’s website
  • A visual outlook on your time
  • Property management is nothing but problems
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