#35 What Your Job Is Trying to Teach You

In this thought-provoking episode, we dive into an important aspect of our work lives: learning what your job is trying to teach you. By confronting discomfort and advocating for our needs, we unlock valuable life lessons and lead more satisfying professional lives. Here’s how:

  1. Embrace discomfort: If you're considering leaving your job due to discomfort, try expressing your needs instead. There is a chance that you may be heard and find a way to compromise without having to uproot your life.
  2. Advocate for your needs, regardless of your intentions: Even if you're not planning to leave your job, it's still important to identify and advocate for your needs. When these needs are met, you'll likely produce higher-quality work, which benefits both you and your employer.
  3. Learn the lessons life is trying to teach you: In all aspects of our lives, there are valuable lessons to be learned from our experiences. If you're feeling tension, resistance, or frustration in your job, it's a sign that there's something important for you to learn.
  4. Engage in deeper conversations with supervisors and colleagues: Once we understand what our careers are trying to teach us, we can move beyond gossip and shallow discussions to engage in more meaningful dialogues about our goals, sharing experiences and holding each other accountable for tackling challenges.

By addressing discomfort, advocating for your needs, and engaging in profound conversations with those around you, you will transform your professional (and personal!) life and become better versions of yourself.

What’s inside this episode…

  • Why managers are showing up to work with the best of intentions but leaving work with loads of overwhelm and resentment
  • Common reasons property managers don't advocate for their needs (and why they should!)
  • A simple three-step framework to help you uncover what your job may be trying to teach you.

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