#36 Choose Your Challenges (Before They Choose You)

As property managers, it's difficult to find time for ourselves. We get overwhelmed with the demands of managing properties while still trying to pursue our dreams and aspirations. It's easy to put off those goals because we want to do them perfectly, yet that day never comes. 

I remember I felt so pushed to the limit every day at work that I couldn't fathom doing more. The thought of pursuing a personal goal felt impossible. 

So, I put my goals on the backburner. 

You feel me here?

Time and time again, I will hear managers say, "I'll start my side hustle when budgets are approved" or "I'll get serious about losing this weight when turn season is over." 

Newsflash: There is never going to be a perfect time. 

Tune into this weeks' episode to uncover why the time to start that goal you've always wanted is right now. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • How to use intentionality to prepare for life’s unexpected twists and turns
  • The power and impact of decisions on our results
  • How we are the cause of our own future

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