#37 Why You Need to Know Your Cost Per Hour

As property managers, every decision we make is based on if the numbers make sense. 

When choosing, we assess whether or not the value that will be gained justifies the investment (not to mention the time, energy, and capacity of your team).

There are so many factors that we’re weighing: Will these choices affect our taxes positively or negatively? Can we expect a rent increase or a change in vacancy rate? Are the owners holding this asset or selling it? 

We're good at managing the business of doing business.

But, what would be different if you evaluate your own time and money as rigorously as you do for your own properties?

In this episode, we want to show you two simple exercises that will forever change how you look at your time.

When you get in the habit of intentionally choosing how and where you want to use your time, you will feel more aligned and present. These clarifying filters will help you decipher ¸what to say yes to and what to say no to - making it easier to live life on your terms.

When you take control of your time and honor its value, you are going to watch the quality of your relationships, of your career, and of your health compound on itself. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • Your most valuable resource - and how to protect it
  • The reason why you may not put a price tag on your time
  • Two new exercises to change how you view the value of your time

 Featured on the show

  • A discussion on how much the average adult scrolls their phone
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