#40 Stop Being Ambitious

Most of the property managers that I know are high achievers. They're go-getters. They're ambitious.

They don't just meet the requirements of their job descriptions, they exceed them. They don't hesitate to put in extra hours.

Typically, they have a keen eye for detail - which is why they're so great at day-to-day operations on top of long-term planning for their properties.

In most cases, this drive carries into their personal lives, as well. They run their homes just as well as they run their properties.

But what if ambition isn't necessary?

What if ambition can often pull us off the very path we strive for?

Tune into today's episode to make sure you're using your ambition for you (instead of against you).

What’s inside this episode…

  • What should fuel your ambition (and what shouldn’t)
  • How to use your ambition for you (and not against you)
  • How you’ll know whether or not your ambition has purpose

 Featured on the show

  • Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy
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