#42 - Why You Must Slow Down in Order to Speed Up

“I know I could teach my team how to do this - but it’s just faster if I do it myself.”

Have you said this? 

Property managers often struggle to find the time to get everything done. It doesn’t help that they often feel that no one can do it as well as they can (and they’re likely right!). With so many demands bearing down on them, they just tend to take care of everything themselves.

For high-achieving property managers, they are amazing at just getting $#!* done.

However, this often results in ultimately feeling overwhelmed and overworked. 

So, while they initially believed that “just doing it themselves” would reduce stress - it has the exact opposite effect.

Join us in this week’s episode - we’re talking about why you often times need to intentionally slow down (temporarily) so that your team can speed up indefinitely. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • How to uncover where you are on the competence ladder
  • Why you must call awareness to your unconscious skills (and what can happen if you don’t)
  • How highlighting our skills will foster meaningful conversation and learning

 Featured on the show

  • Join the from Busy to Balanced Mini-Workshop 
  • Noel Burch’s Competence Ladder
  • Episode #9 The Difference Between Supporting and Controlling
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