#43 Mastering Conscious Incompetence

Have you progressed up the property management ladder only to find - it’s no better at the top

You may feel like the burden of responsibility has become heavier now that you've advanced higher in property management. You're now dealing with more complex decisions and larger responsibilities, such as managing staff, responding to tenant issues, and handling financials. 

The demands can become overwhelming when combined with personal commitments and other career obligations. You're no longer simply making sure everything is running smoothly - you’re balancing multiple tasks, deadlines, and expectations on a daily basis.

But, what if overwhelm is simply part of the process?

Tune into today’s episode where we talk about how making space for overwhelm and frustration is the key to learning faster. 

What’s inside this episode…

  • How to uncover where you are on the competence ladder
  • Why you must call awareness to your unconscious skills (and what can happen if you don’t)
  • The one question you need to ask yourself before mentoring others

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