#46 Lessons Learned From One Year of Podcasting

Take a moment to think about the dreams, goals and hobbies that you haven't yet actualized. 

Ask yourself, "Am I willing to be a beginner?"

No one wants to admit that they have no idea how to do something or that they need help understanding the basics. 

Sadly, this prevents many from making the time to learn something new, for fear of slowing down their peers who are farther along in their journey. 

It's natural to want to be an expert as quickly as possible (especially if you're in property management!)

But oftentimes, that resistance to imperfection can get in the way of creating new experiences for ourselves. 

Join us in this week's episode as we celebrate anniversary of the Addicted to Busy podcast (and chat about what you'll need in order to try something you've never done before!)

What’s inside this episode…

  • The three biggest lessons I learned from launching this podcast
  • Why humbleness is the key to creating new experiences
  • The one thing you must be willing to do in order to hop into a new hobby

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