#56 What I've Been Up To

Welcome back to Addicted to Busy! It's been a while, and I wanted to share a significant life update and the new directions I'm exploring.

Firstly, I've returned to property management full-time! 

This life change has been the perfect opportunity to put my skills to the test. It’s the perfect chance to prove that the things that I share on this podcast and in my course are concepts that I, too, follow. 

And, I can be humble enough to say that following these ideas isn’t easy. I’m constantly battling my inner dialogue that tells me that busy-ness and over-doing it are the answer. But I have to remember that the way that I choose to spend my time is a reflection of what my values are. 

This year, my focus is on becoming a better speaker. I took an improv comedy class to improve my quick thinking, which was both terrifying and gratifying. Currently, I'm working with a mentor to refine my public speaking skills and considering taking a graphic design class to enhance my presentations.

I encourage you all to invest in your skills in enjoyable ways. For me, activities like salsa dancing provide a mental break from work, preventing burnout and keeping me energized.

Throughout this transition, I'm fighting old habits of overworking and perfectionism. I'm prioritizing sleep, health, and setting attainable goals. I've created non-negotiables that ensure I take care of myself daily, making me a more effective manager and person.

Remember, while we can do anything, we can't do everything. Strategic planning and knowing when to recalibrate are crucial. I have many goals, but I've learned to prioritize and pace myself.

Though I can't commit to weekly episodes right now, I promise to return with new content when possible. Your feedback is always welcome, and if you need a speaker, reach out to me on Instagram at Addicted to Busy or via email at [email protected].

Until next time, keep going. I love you all!

What’s inside this episode…

  •  A life update on ATB
  •  Why your professional network is crucial for your personal life
  •  How to create a natural break in your day from property management
  •  A reminder that perfectionism kills progress

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