How to Decode Your Emotional Appetite

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It's Easy to Seek Comfort in Food or Alcohol 

I’ve been there.

Busy property managers frequently encounter the challenge of succumbing to overeating or overdrinking at the close of each day. The demanding nature of our roles, coupled with the physical exhaustion from managing properties and addressing various issues, often leaves us with little energy for self-care. The daily grind can lead to a sense of overwhelm, making it difficult for property managers to resist the urge to seek comfort in food or alcohol as a form of reprieve. 

Learn How to Enjoy Food While Looking and Feeling Your Best

Tune into episode #55 of the Addicted to Busy Podcast where we welcome Molly Zemek, a professionally-trained chef, certified sommelier, and author of the new book "Decoding Your Emotional Appetite: A Food-Lover's Guide to Weight Loss." She hosts the internationally-ranked podcast "Weight Loss for Food Lovers" where she empowers food and wine lovers to feel and look their best without sacrificing the things they love.

In this episode, you will learn... 

  • How and why busyness can often times lead to overeating or overdrinking
  • How to create more pleasure from eating (without guilt!)
  • Molly’s tips on decoding your unique emotional appetite

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