Are You Overdoing it?

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Overdoing it 

Are you standing in the way of your goals? 

Perhaps without even realizing it, you may be sabotaging your goals by “overdoing it.”

Stress can cause nasty overindulging habits like overworking, overanalyzing, overeating, overdrinking and over-scrolling. Overdoing it is a very natural coping mechanism for stress. 

Tips to Stop Overdoing it 

Follow these steps to break bad, overindulging habits: 

  1. Think about why you really want to make a change. Think about your goals and your emotional investment in them. Envision yourself achieving your goals. How do you feel? 
  2. Determine where you’re overdoing it. Do you drink a mocha Frappuccino every day or stay up until midnight watching TikTok every night?
  3. Find out WHY you’re overdoing it. Are you avoiding an emotion or a difficult task?
  4. Set boundaries. Ask yourself how much time and money you would like to spend on the habits you overindulge in. Think about what else you’d rather be doing. Would you rather spend more time with your family or start a new hobby? 
  5. Implement your new habit. Replace the time you normally over-indulge with something you’ve been wanting to do. Reflect on how it makes you feel! Do you feel happier and more fulfilled? 

Since everyone experiences stress throughout their lives, it’s important to learn to manage your emotions, so they don’t negatively affect your health. You don’t want to feel guilt or shame by indulging in bad habits all the time. 

When you start implementing healthy habits in place of poor habits.. you will start gravitating towards the healthier habit. Case and point: I used to wind down from tough workdays with a glass of wine. I couldn’t imagine going to a networking event and not drinking a glass of wine. At night, I replaced the wine with tea. At events, I focused on making better personal connections. And now… I hardly drink at all. 

What do you want to do less of? What do you want to do more of?

Now go get it! 

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