The Importance of Setting Boundaries

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Did you know that setting boundaries is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your overall wellbeing? This is true with relationships, work, and life. Boundaries are essential for setting your limits and establishing a well-balanced life. 

So, how do you set boundaries to increase your productivity and happiness at work? 

Set boundaries around your time. 

A time boundary is simply a predetermined time limit for specific activities. If you don't create time boundaries, there's no way to manage the amount of time it takes to complete tasks or projects. When we're not managing our time, we're far more likely to give it away freely - often without a second thought. 

When we don't set limits on how much we are willing to work outside of work, it comes at a cost to the rest of our lives (family, friends, or hobbies). 

Before you know it, work has consumed our lives. 

Here’s my favorite analogy: Think of Halloween trick or treating. If you're at your home, with your own bucket of candy, you get to control how much candy you give to each trick or treater. 

Now, let’s say you’re not at home and you do that thing where you leave a bucket of candy on your front porch with a sticky note that says "TAKE ONE." 

You know what’s going to happen.

Some kid is going to come up to your doorstep, dump that bucket into their trick or treat bag, and off they go. 

The same thing can happen with our time. If we aren't diligent about divvying it out, other people (by no fault of their own) may take more of their fair share. 

It is OUR responsibility (not our supervisor's) to set boundaries with our time and actually honor those boundaries. If you continually respond to emails when you promised yourself you wouldn't, everyone will continue to expect it from you. 

Implementing and following through on time boundaries takes time and practice. It's not something that you decide upon and it changes over night. You're essentially re-teaching people what to expect from you. If you've been someone who over works a lot, re-teaching people is a tough process. But, if you stick with it and keep honoring your priorities, it is so worth the effort.

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