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What is Buffering? 

Do you binge-watch Netflix, scroll on your phone aimlessly, or eat a bunch of potato chips until they’re gone? Chances are that you have done some or all of these things because most people have! 

These habits are called buffering. Buffering is human nature’s way of giving into our urges to make us feel good by doing something that takes little to no effort. 

Buffering can prevent you from reaching your goals, make you feel guilty or anxious and contribute negatively to your general wellbeing. So, how do you stop buffering? 

Steps to Stop Buffering 

  • Know what your urges are. Do you eat greasy food when you’re tired, skip the gym when you work late, or disconnect from your friends when you’re stressed? 
  • Allow your urges to be present
  • Don’t respond to them

It’s no simple feat to overcome your urges. It takes practice and patience. And the more you practice, the easier it gets. Just know that you can absolutely feel tired without picking up a slice of pizza on the way home, go to the gym after working late in the office and say hi to your friends when you need them most. You just have to train yourself to choose the healthy habit over one that will give you instant gratification.

Importance of Sitting with Negative Emotions

It’s important to learn to sit with your negative emotions, so you can better handle stress without taking it out on yourself. Not learning to deal with negative emotions will take a great toll on your health overtime. Learning to deal with them will benefit your health and happiness. So will you choose health and happiness?  

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