Why You Should Choose Your Words Wisely

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Coach Anna Happy

How You Speak to Yourself Is Important 

Are you a high-achieving property manager who's burning the candle at both ends? Do you find yourself with a never-ending to-do list, but no time for the things you truly love? It's time for a game-changer. In the upcoming episode, we delve into the overlooked aspect of time management: our inner dialogue.

Get ready to explore how the words you whisper to yourself can alter your perception, your feelings, and ultimately your day-to-day experience. It’s not just about ticking off tasks - it's about how you feel while doing it.

"Words shape the way that we see the world."

How to Stop Repeating Old Patterns

If you don't want to keep repeating the same old patterns, tune into episode #54 of the Addicted to Busy Podcast for a breakthrough and find that much-needed "me" time. Listen to the full episode for insights into gaining control over your schedule and thoughts. 

In this episode, you will learn... 

  • The immense power of language and imagination in crafting a more fulfilling professional journey.
  • The tools to transform your internal monologue from your biggest critic to your most encouraging coach.
  • How to master your time by mastering your mind.

Are you struggling to balance work, health and life?

You're not alone. Many property managers struggle with the same challenges. I help career driven property managers who are ready for a change and want to live their best lives.

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