Do You Get the Sunday Scaries?

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The Sunday Scaries 

Do you get theSunday Scaries?”

I remember them vividly. I would find myself feeling burned out and dreading my return to work every Sunday before the work week even began. 

Masking My Feelings 

I also remember days when I would skip my lunch, skip the gym and bail on my friends to work late. I would follow up my long workdays with Netflix and ice cream too often because I felt like I deserved it. At the time, I thought it was the perfect way to de-stress.

But inside, I didn’t feel healthy. I felt like I was living life on repeat, and I felt trapped knowing I would have to do it all over again the next day. At that point in my property management career, I had no work-life balance. I had a high-paying job, but I felt like I had no life. 

And just when my self-esteem couldn't plunket any further, things got worse. I was hit with thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Finding Myself Again 

I knew that I wanted to get healthy. I wanted to feel better mentally, physically and emotionally, but I didn’t know where to start. Logically, I turned to the internet to do some research. I found an amazing mentor and coach and decided I had nothing left to lose, so I hired her. 

Looking back, I am so thankful to my past self for taking the chance on a one-to-one coach. It took a lot of courage to open up to a stranger about how I was feeling and how I wanted to find work-life balance and be happy again. 

The experience I had with my coach was priceless. She was worth every single penny. She provided an outsider’s perspective when I needed it most and taught me that the stress, anxiety and burnout I experienced was optional. 

She helped me learn how to take control of my health and show up to work as my best self. Learning the art of work-life balance and self-care trickled into my personal life! I learned to love myself again, and I learned to love my job again. I finally felt like I had time to live my life again.

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