Get Yourself Out of Overworking

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Treading Water 

“I’m working over 50 hours a week, and I still feel like I’m barely treading water.”

We’ve all been there: You’re showing up to work every day and putting in far more than 8 hours a day and yet… it feels like you’re still behind. 

You can get yourself out of this.

Get Yourself Out of Overworking 

You can say no. Every week, we’re showing property managers how to reduce their working hours to under 40 hours a week. 

This industry employs the hardest working individuals. However, because of the high standards we have to meet, property managers are stuck in tricky work habits that kill productivity and efficiency. 

As an example, it’s difficult to set aside quality time to complete high-level tasks without interruption when we’re expected to respond to tenant emails within a specific time frame. Our office settings often make it easy for residents to interrupt at any moment. Between emails, Teams messages, ZenDesk tickets and text messages, our devices and computers are dinging and chiming at every opportunity.

In a world where attention spans are decreasing by the day and expectations of us are increasing by the minute, I truly believe the best property managers will be the ones who know how to manage distractions and be able to work with a high level of focus.

As property managers, it's part of our job description to be able to multitask. But what distinguishes a great property manager from a good one is the ability to prioritize those multiple tasks and then commit to focusing on each of them without distraction. 

There is a myth that productivity means doing a lot of things. But true productivity comes down to doing things intentionally and doing them well. 

If we're judging our productivity based upon how much we do instead of how well we do it, we tend to rush. Rushing increases the chance for errors or miscommunications. This adds more work to our plates as we have to go back to fix mistakes or reiterate what we meant.

Simply put, doing all the things at once does not always save time. 

Why You Must Learn How to Reduce Your Working Hours

Creating a 32-Hour Work Week is a skill you can learn. Frankly, it’s a skill you need to have because this is property management. 

  • Buildings catch fire
  • Washers flood and damage multiple units
  • Tenants have domestic disputes
  • Owners show up unannounced
  • Vendors make mistakes
  • Sometimes turn days turn into turn nights 

Some days simply demand more of you than others. You need the skill of paring down to what is essential. 

Plus, let’s not forget that life happens outside of work

  • Friends or family members could get sick or injured
  • You could get sick or injured!
  • Holidays and celebrations take a lot of preparation
  • People pass away
  • You need a vacation from time to time

Simply put - some days you just need a personal day. And too many people aren’t able to give themselves the time and space they need because they’re chained to their email inboxes. 

Are you struggling to balance work, health and life?

You're not alone. Many property managers struggle with the same challenges. I help career driven property managers who are ready for a change and want to live their best lives.

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