How Goal-Setting Will Fuel Growth

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What You Can Learn From A Water Leak

I love a great analogy. 

Imagine a tenant calls you and says, “there's water coming in from my ceiling.”  In many cases, the tenant assumes that the water is coming from the same place in the unit above them. But anyone who has been in property management long enough knows sometimes that leak is not coming directly from above the tenant.

It could be coming from the complete opposite side on the building and two floors up.

The same can be true of our goals. 

Goal-Setting Will Fuel Growth In More Than One Way

Sometimes what we think we need to work on, isn’t always what we actually need to work on.

You may have set a resolution to exercise consistently. The problem may not be exercise - it could be learning how to put yourself first or it could be challenging yourself to get up earlier.

Perhaps you set a goal to save more money. The problem may not be your spending - it could be that you need to learn to say no or that you are ready to ask for a raise. 

In episode #52, of the Addicted to Busy Podcast, we talk about how goal setting will cause us to grow in more than one way - and why that’s a beautiful thing. 

In this episode, you will learn...

  • The property management analogy to reframe your thoughts on goal setting

  • Thoughts on New Years Resolutions in 2024

  • An invitation to try something new

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