Why Journaling is Good for the Soul

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Coach Anna with Her Journals

Why I Started Journaling 

When I bought my first journal, the idea of writing down my thoughts was a foreign concept. But I was really unhappy, and my coach told me to buy a journal and give it a try. I knew I should listen to her, so I went to the store and bought one. 

I figured there was no harm in trying to sort out my thoughts on a piece of paper. After all, I had never really done it before. What I quickly learned was that journaling was very therapeutic and empowering for me.

Things I learned from Journaling 

  • How to clear space in my mind
  • How to dissect negative thoughts
  • How to replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • How to lay out plans for the goals I wanted to achieve in my life
  • And how to find confidence in myself and practice self love 

How Journaling Transformed My Life 

Journaling quite literally changed my life. 

By giving myself 15 minutes a day with my journal, I started feeling so worthy of chasing my dreams that it was no longer an option to stay idle. All it took was a pen and paper to empower me to get after my goals. 

Dropping negative emotions from my head onto a piece of paper is such a stress reliever. It’s now my favorite form of self care. I hope that someday you can say the same. 

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