Why Journaling Makes You Happier

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Journaling Makes You Happier

When I started working with my first coach, she advised me to start journaling. I thought it was a bit silly at first but thought “what do I have to lose?” If I wanted to create real change in my life and start reaching my goals instead of just daydreaming about them, I figured I should listen to her. So, I went to the store and bought myself a cute little journal. 

I learned A LOT about myself during those first journaling sessions! I learned how to clear space in my mind, how to dissect negative thoughts, how to replace negative thoughts with positive encouraging ones and how to lay out plans for the goals I truly wanted to achieve in my life. More importantly, I gained a whole lot of self-confidence and self love throughout the process.  

By giving myself 15 minutes a day with my journal, I started feeling so worthy of chasing my dreams that it was no longer an option to stay idle. It’s ridiculous how just a pen and paper have empowered me to get after my goals. Yes, there were plenty of tears along the way. But they were completely worth all of the break-throughs and “a-ha’s!” 

Today, I am addicted to journaling. Anytime I am frustrated, I write down my feelings at that moment. If my journal is not available, I type a quick note in my phone to reflect on later. Dropping negative emotions from my head onto a piece of paper is such a stress reliever. 

I have been able to sort out negative emotions that I had surrounding boundaries, time management, work life balance, self worth, relationships and so much more. Journaling has helped me develop one area of my life at a time, and I could not be more grateful for it. It’s my favorite form of self care. 🤍

My morning routine now includes sitting down with a heart full of gratitude and writing whatever comes to mind–the good, the bad and the ugly! There’s something beautiful about writing your thoughts without a filter. It’s so raw and healing and helps you learn A LOT about yourself.

If you’ve never journaled, try it tonight and then circle the most painful thought you have written. Circle it and then book a call with me by clicking on the button below to discuss how to turn that negative thought into a positive one, so you don’t have to deal with it anymore. 👋🏾

If you do this, you’re taking a HUGE STEP towards a healthy lifestyle full of balance and gratitude. If you do this, I am proud of you!

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