Learning to Say No

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Coach Anna Learning to Say No

What is the hardest part of learning to manage your time more efficiently, thus giving you more flexibility to work with your team and tenants? If your guess is setting time boundaries, you’re half right and half wrong. 

The hardest part about getting time back in your day is learning to say no. It’s hard to say no because people don’t like to hear it and it means it may change the way you interact with them. 

Guidelines to Implement Time Boundaries at work

  • Only implement 1 or 2 new boundaries at a time
  • Anticipate that they won't stick perfectly 
  • Make time to reflect on what worked and didn't work 

What to Expect when Setting Boundaries 

Starting small with implementing only one or two time boundaries at a time will help uncover beliefs and patterns you may have. Starting small gives you the space you need to find what works for you. As you implement your time boundaries, you change what others can expect from you and when to expect it. 

You and others may experience some negative feelings like frustration or impatience when you implement a new boundary but remember that you are doing it for a purpose. If you are prepared to work through your feelings and how you respond to OTHERS feelings, you will learn to stop pleasing. This will result in working less reactively and more INTENTIONALLY! 

Setting time boundaries is HARD WORK that is 100% worth it to develop healthier habits that will benefit all in the long run! If you can improve the productivity of your day to live a more balanced life, why not put in the extra effort!? 

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