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Coach Anna Excited About Her New Podcast

We’ve been working on something…

When I started Addicted to Busy as a side hustle, I had no clue that it would become my full-time career. While I knew I wanted to help others, I had no idea just how many people needed help. There was no way for me to know that I’d have the opportunity to spread my message across the country to ten’s of property management associations. 

While I’m honored and excited to be speaking in Indianapolis, Portland, Raleigh, Houston and Chicago this year - it simply isn’t enough. There are still hundreds of property managers who are stuck in a sick cycle of overworking and don’t know how to get themselves out.

We needed a way to push our message out even further. So, this summer we’ve been working on…

The Addicted to Busy Podcast. 

This podcast comes at a time when many are losing faith in the industry. Just last week, I read an article that stated within the next 12 months, 1 in 5 regionals are estimated to leave their positions. 

When I read that, I shuddered: The loss of these exceptional leaders will only add more work to an already overburdened on-site staff. 

You’ve heard me say it once and you’ll hear me say it 1,000 times more: YOU are responsible for creating your own work-life balance. Your employer can no longer provide it to you. 

I remember when I started in property management in 2010. Those were the days. You would end your workday, lock the office and leave work at work. Those days no longer exist. We live in a completely different environment - one where our to-do list’s no longer lay dormant overnight within the confines of a planner. No - in today’s day and age, our to-do lists follow us around and ring/vibrate/ping us when they’re not tended to. 

And here’s the hard, honest truth. I see a lot of you working 50-60 hour weeks:

And at the end of your days… none of this will matter.

You get one life. While property management can be an extremely fulfilling career, it is not intended to be your sole source of joy or accomplishment. And yet, so many property managers invest the majority of their waking hours into their properties. 

I am committed to teaching our industry’s top performing leaders how to get their work week down to 35 hours tops and still receive raises/bonuses/promotions. I am dedicated to sharing new concepts that will cut to the heart of what matters - both at work and in your personal life. I’m excited to bring a little fun back to this high paced competitive industry. 

Are you in?

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