How to Use Projection and Posturing in the Office

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What is a Humble Brag? 

Are you ever in a situation where your colleague posts something on social media and it seems like they are bragging but they do so in a subtle, humble way? This phenomenon is known as "humble brag." It can often come off as disingenuous and insincere. 

In the professional world, humble brags are all too common and can be damaging to relationships. This is because when someone brags about themselves, however subtly, it creates a distance between themselves and their colleagues that can prevent meaningful connection. 

On the latest episode of our podcast, we explore what a humble brag is and why posturing prevents connection in the workplace. We talk about the different ways  people can use humble bragging to appear more successful or important than their peers without seeming too boastful. We also cover how this type of behavior is viewed by other colleagues and how it may affect relationships in the workplace. 

How to Promote Positive Behaviors 

There are multiple strategies for avoiding humble bragging while still getting recognition for one’s accomplishments. Listen in to Episode #31 of the Addicted to Busy Podcast to learn ways to promote positive behaviors that will encourage strong relationships in the workplace instead of fostering competition through comparison. 

In this episode, you will learn... 

  • A deep dive into projection and how people use it to gain power, control, or influence over others
  • How to get yourself out of your own posturing habits
  • How recognizing humble brags within yourself will help create better connections with others

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