Why It's Important to Set Boundaries at Work

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Coach Anna Looking Zen

Setting Boundaries at Work 

Do you know how to manage and prioritize your time, or do you struggle from never having enough time to do things like go to the gym, take a vacation or visit your family? 

Learning how to set boundaries and learning time management skills is extremely important if you’re looking to create balance in your life! With better time management and boundary-setting skills, you will be able to do your work quicker and more efficiently, resulting in more time and energy to give back to your team and family!

A Helpful Tip for Boundary Setting 

Choose one new boundary to focus on at a time. It’s important to only focus on setting one at a time because you will have to overcome obstacles to make the boundary work for you. You will need to teach others to respect your new boundary, and they may be resistant to the change

After you overcome any obstacles and successfully implement your new boundary, you can choose another new boundary to set. Continue this cycle until you find the work life balance you crave.

Ideas for Boundaries to Set at Work

  1. Focus time in the office: take turns setting focus time with colleagues i.e., one coworker responds to tenants while the other focuses 
  2. Focus time out of the office: work in an off-site space where you physically cannot be interrupted while finishing a big project like a budget report 
  3. Time blocking: respond to emails only twice/day at set times 
  4. Break time: take a lunch break to clear your mind or meditate for 5-10 minutes 
  5. Work expectations: set a certain time you’d like to stop working each day 

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