How Coaching Can Help You Stop Self-Sabotaging

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Coach Anna Excited to Help You Stop Self-Sabotaging

Did you talk down to yourself this morning? [be honest. you’re talking to an email] 

Why were you mad? Did you stay up too late watching Tik Tok? Or did you skip the gym (again)? 

Isn’t it exhausting?

Falling into the same repetitive and destructive behaviors day-in and day-out. 

Wait. Wait. 

Anna, can you honestly even relate? I thought you were a life coach

Well, believe it or not…… 

I can! I used to talk down to myself on the daily- emphasis on “use to.”

I know how FRIGGIN HARD it is to build the life of your dreams, to work non-stop towards your goals WHILE giving yourself space to breathe and to change bad habits to make it all happen! 

Ask my client Megan. 

She used to spend h.o.u.r.s. on Instagram. Watching what other people were doing, living their “perfect” little lives. 

After talking, Megan had a serious revelation… 

Why would she spend another night watching other people live their “perfect” little lives when she could be using that time to build her own damn dream that provides her with the freedom she craves!

She bought a journal and started reflecting on her thoughts. And then . . . she started planning!

  • What would it take to do the little things that would help her succeed? 
  • What could she do each day?  
  • How much money would she need to save to quit her job and go all-in!? 

Notice how her thoughts changed from jealous and overwhelmed to empowered and driven? 

That’s the power of what we do in our Addicted to Busy Community!

And to top it all off with a cherry on top, she learned another thing: to be grateful for where she was in her current job, in her current fixer-upper and in her current life.

In our community, we teach you that it’s possible to find balance. To live life on your own terms. To experience your day the way you want to experience it (even where you are right now, serving in property management!)

We’re here to support you in creating your perfect life and to help you see that you are truly blessed.

A little self-development and encouragement go a long way!

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