What is Coaching?

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What is Coaching 

Working with me is a lot like working with an athletic coach. All coaches have the same goal in mind: Win the game. 

But, in order to create a winning team, they don’t just play the game over and over again. They train. 

  • They scope out the challenges
  • They run drills
  • They talk strategy 

And that’s exactly what I do with my clients. 

  • We train
  • We scope out the challenges
  • We run drills
  • We talk strategy 

By the time you’re done with the program, you’re going to know how to get your workweek down to what is 100% essential and have the confidence to leave all the rest

We have all the tools you need to reduce your working hours, increase your energy and get back to doing more of what you love. 

What Topics Do You Coach on? 

I teach my client many things like: 

  • How to set boundaries
  • How to manage their time 
  • How to say no 
  • The importance of journaling to explore their feelings 
  • How to build confidence in themselves
  • And so much more!

Learning how to master skills on these topics is necessary to building the true work-life balance that we crave. Since it takes true patience to learn these difficult skills, hiring an experienced coach is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. 

Are you struggling to balance work, health and life?

You're not alone. Many property managers struggle with the same challenges. I help career driven property managers who are ready for a change and want to live their best lives.

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