Why I Didn't Quit

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Coach Anna Happy to Help You Love Your Job Again

It’s only 8:20 am and I just got a SECOND email from Sally in room 802. 

She is the w.o.r.s.t. I wonder if John has time to deal with her today. 

I need to get this report done before I head to City Hall at 3 for the quarterly Arbor Creek HOA meeting. 

Property Managers give all. day. long. Always dealing with full schedules and emergencies. 

So how do you manage it all without losing Your MiND?! 

When I was a Property Manager, I (almost) quit my job. 

I wasn’t taking care of myself and didn’t want to deal with the stress anymore. 

But I wasn’t ready to quit. So, what did I do instead? 

I hired a time management coach

My coach taught me many things like how to learn to love my job again. 

She taught me to develop healthy habits in and out of work, so I could take control of my health.

She taught me how to manage my thoughts and how to build healthy habits that support the lifestyle I craved. 

The new skills I learned helped me show up as my best self for work, which trickled into me showing up as my best self after work. Which in turn made me feel happier than I had in a very long time!

After a while working with my coach, I learned to love my job again. 

Are you struggling to balance work, health and life?

You're not alone. Many property managers struggle with the same challenges. I help career driven property managers who are ready for a change and want to live their best lives.

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